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Unser Daniel: "Es kann nur Einen geben!"

There can be only one ... (watch your head)

At the biginning, when our earth where nearly comleted, someone said (let's call him GOD), "There's to less troubles on earth now." And he tought about to create a nearly round little person who was able enough to bring troubles all over the world. So he created the 'thing' called "Daniel" and the work he did, was the best he has ever done. 'Daniel' was of perfection he never saw before and so all troubles on earth started. Later, 'Daniel' got a wife from the CREATOR (GOD), because 'Daniel' brought more troubles than GOD could handle and to give hiselfes a little rest he tought: "If 'Daniel' has a wife to play with he would stop these terrible terror act's all over the world") and so it was. 'Daniel' only played with the wife all day long and both started soon to grow up some more little 'Daniels'. But in fact first came a little 'Daniela' and Daniel and his wife gave the name TINA (Total Inactive and Naggy Accrual) to it because it (she) wasn't as terrible as they wanted her to be ... < to be continue>

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